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Reasons Why New York is Still Among the Best Choices for Office Space Rental

There is no doubt that renting an office space in New York is such a risky move. In fact, the risk has just gotten a lot higher this year. In 2013, New York had an average of 4.4% increase in office space rental per square foot. The average price is now set at almost $50 per square-foot. This is way higher compared to other cities where the average is only around $21-25. Therefore, given the price increase, is it still worth your investment? Should you still take the risk and rent an office space in New York? This article will prove that it is still the best choice after all.

1. New York is like the center of everything. There are a lot of business transactions going on in New York. Therefore, if your office needs to stay competitive and be among the best businesses in the world, then there is no other place like New York.

2. Being in New York already says a lot about your company. It shows your power and integrity. It tells a lot about where your business stands in the society and where it stands against competitors. By having an office in New York, you can show to the world that you are running a successful and powerful business.

3. The investment for office space might be high, but the returns of investment are also high. In fact, you will earn more than what you have paid for when you are in New York. Companies grow fast in this city and changes happen quickly as well.

4. Living and working in New York is such an amazing experience. If you cannot get the benefit by just looking at your company alone, then looking at where you stand and in what city you work, you will really feel blessed. You know that you are in a great place in the society and other powerful people are just working around you.

If you really want the best choices for commercial space for rent in NYC, then go here. You will never regret your decision of choosing New York.

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How Junk Removal Companies Help in Saving the World

When you think of junk removal companies, you might just think about people who install the junk containers in your backyard and have the junk removed every now and then. However, the truth is that these companies do more than what you think of. In fact, they help a lot in saving the environment and the world as well. Therefore, if you hire these companies, then you also do your share.

Keeping Your House Clean

To begin with, you have to understand that when you don’t have a place where you throw the items that you don’t need, they will just stay somewhere in your house. Of course, if this happens, it will make everything dirty and messy. Worse, if you place them in an area that is not maintained at all, they will be infested by all sorts of germs and dirt. Eventually, this might cause health issues at home. Therefore, instead of keeping all these items that you don’t need, you just have to throw them in the container and the company will take care of them.

Recycling Useful Items

Once you have thrown certain items on the container and the company has collected them, it does not mean that they will dump all of them on dump sites that are already full to begin with. Instead, they will identify the items and find out which one can still be recycled. Recycling shops will then use the items that were sold to them. Some junk removal companies may even give the profit of the items recycled to charity.

How to Lessen Cost for Services

Now that you know that these companies help a lot in keeping you and your family healthy and in saving the environment in general, it is high time for you to give them a try. However, if you don’t want to have high cost for their service fees, then look for companies that offer a good package deal. You can also compare companies first and ask for quotes. By then, you can easily identify the ones that offer cheaper services. Of course, don’t forget to stick with reliable companies only. With this, you might want to check out Junk Removal 123 here for more information.

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The Battle Against Aging

Everyone these days seems to be searching for the still-elusive Fountain of Youth. Every few weeks or so, one hears news about a new wonder food, drug or method that can take years off a person’s appearance; and, people will be very quick to believe it.

The fervent desire to stay young may be attributable to the norms of present-day society. The standard of beauty is too oriented towards the youthful appearance that people like to look young as long as possible.  The wonders of modern medicine have probably contributed its part as well, since human life spans today are longer than they were in the past. If statistics are to be believed, it can be said that more and more people are joining the anti-aging bandwagon, so to speak. The market for anti-aging products is now worth billions of dollars and is expected to increase further in the future. This consists of millions of creams and lotions that claim to reverse the signs of aging and the myriads of cosmetic procedures available, such as those performed by the Aesthetic Arts Institute, a cosmetic surgeon San Diego clinic.

Regardless of one’s personal reasons to stay young, people nowadays can count themselves lucky that there are techniques they can utilize to look younger than their age.

Diet and Restricting Calories. Laboratory studies of different animal species have indicated that reducing the amount of calories results in the extension of life and in preventing the onset of age-related illnesses. Medical experts believe that these findings might be related to insulin. Lessening calorie intake has a consequent reduction in the amount of the body’s insulin, a substance which can accelerate aging. However, if a person is to eat less for the purpose of slowing down aging, it has to be carried out in the right way. There should be an adequate supply of nutrients in the diet or he will suffer from malnutrition, a condition which not only makes one look older but will compromise health and shorten life.

Cosmetic Surgery. More and more people these days are opting for plastic surgery to retain their youthful appearance. A cosmetic surgery clinic can offer different types of services to a client, ranging from facelifts, breast augmentation, body contouring and laser treatments. There are even procedures that are performed not only to improve one’s looks but to boost confidence, such as labiaplasty. Check out this site for labiaplasty in Northern VA, for more information on the procedure. For those opting for cosmetic surgery, though, the choice of a cosmetic surgeon is crucial. There have been several documented cases of botched cosmetic procedures where the patient looked worse instead of better. Hence, one should look for specialists with the proper credentials.

Healthy Lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle advocates who claim that this is the best anti-aging technique say that the best way to look young is to feel young. Advancing in years cannot be avoided but one can maintain his youth by living a healthy lifestyle. Although it is not a quick fix like cosmetic surgery is, being at the peak of health is its own reward. Achieving optimum health involves a diet that includes a lot of vegetables while eliminating sugars and minimizing carbohydrates. It is also essential to exercise regularly and get adequate sleep. Lastly, one has to learn to deal with emotional stress since this can also impact negatively on health.

It is natural for a person to enjoy and prolong his years here on Earth and look his best while doing it. The best way to look and feel young cannot be ascribed to one anti-aging technique alone but is a combination of lifestyle choices that reflect one’s respect and care for his body.

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Is Your Head in the Clouds?

Cloud storage is something we should all be familiar with. It’s nothing new and, whether you realize it or not, you probably already use it.  A recent report said that, although 90% of broadband internet users in the US know about the cloud only 29% say they use it.

The vast difference in the percentages between those who know about it and those who use it suggests that a lot more people are probably using it without realizing. 

What is the Cloud?

Do you remember floppy discs? CD-ROMS? USB memory sticks? Even the good old filing cabinet? That is where you used to store your data and your important files. These things are not infallible though. Data can just as easily be wiped off a memory stick as it can your computer and that’s why the Cloud was invented.

Cloud storage is hosted on internet servers  Most of the major companies use them – Apple, Google, Facebook  all have their own server farms– and, if you use an emails service like Hotmail or Gmail, well, you use them too. Do you look at photos on your friends’ timelines on Facebook? That’s the cloud!

Why is it so Great?

It’s so great because it’s so convenient. Your files are accessible from anywhere in the world, from any computer, any mobile device that has internet access and at any time of the day or night.  You can’t lose your files when your computer crashes and everything is safe, secure and fully backed up.

Give Me Some Examples of Cloud Storage

Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo are all cloud email services. Facebook, iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox. These are some of the more common examples of cloud storage but trust me when say, there are millions more.

Is There a Downside?

While it is the done thing to store your entire life in the cloud these days, as with any system you must make sure your password is strong and one that cannot be guessed. Some systems use two-step verification for access – if they use it, you should use it too.

If you haven’t yet set up your business cloud storage system, do it today and secure your life.

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Making the World a Better Place

Everywhere you look these days, you see charities asking for money for one good cause or another. It can be difficult to choose which one to give to – at the end of the day, there is only so much money to go round.  If you have little spare money but want to do your bit, think about joining a volunteering program.

What is a Volunteer?

Volunteers come from everywhere, from all different backgrounds and are all different ages.  They freely give their time to help others, whether it is for one afternoon a week or giving up their summer holidays to fly off abroad and help out in underdeveloped countries.

Volunteering is not always about giving something away for nothing. While some people do volunteer their time and skills to give something back, others are quite outward in saying that they do it to get something out of it.

That something is normally an improvement to their lives, perhaps a boost of self-confidence, to gain some experience of life and work and to gain a few new skills.  There is nothing wrong with that – everybody gains something from their experiences as a volunteer.

Where Can I Volunteer?

There are thousands of volunteer groups set up across the world, some of them providing work in your own community, others that will fly you half way round the world to where you are needed the most.

Much will depend upon your skills and what you want to do but don’t expect to be paid for it – that’s why it is volunteer work.  All expenses will be paid though and all that is asked in return is a passion for the work you are doing and a genuine attitude towards it.

There are many opportunities for volunteer work in countries across the entire world. From helping to get fresh drinking water and food supplies to making sure children have access to the outside world and to education materials, there are jobs available for just about anything.

One way in which you can help is to contact this wonderful charity and volunteer in Australia or elsewhere. Every county on earth is looking for help with children, a volunteer job that brings its own rewards.

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Varicose Veins – Treatment Across the Pond

A brand new Vein treatment Centre has opened in South West London, in the UK, dedicated purely to the treatment of varicose veins and other vein conditions, including spider and thread veins. 

The clinic has been built to the highest standard and is equipped with the latest technology and possibly the widest range of treatment options found anywhere in the world.    Varicose veins affect around 30% of adults in the UK and there is little in the way of treatment available on NHS. As such, private clinics like this stand to be very popular.

Why the NHS Doesn’t Provide

The clinic is called Cosmedics and its founder, Dr Ross Perry, also the Aesthetic Doctor and Medical Director, explained that, mainly due to budgets, the NHS are strict when it comes to the criteria for procedures such as varicose vein treatments.

This is because they are classed as a cosmetic procedure and only the cases that are considered bad enough will qualify for treatment. However, as anyone with varicose veins knows, they can be painful and cause swelling, cramps, itchy skin and all manner of other symptoms.

The clinic offers the very latest in laser treatment for removing varicose veins. The same kind of treatment is also offered at other private clinics across the world including this one that offers spider vein treatments.

Laser is the Future

Laser is used by many clinics because it has been properly tested and has a proven track record and a success rate of more than 95%.  Traditional methods of stripping the veins offers a success rate of around 50%.

Laser treatment is nowhere near as painful as other methods and, as such, only a local anesthetic is used. This means the treatment can be done as an outpatient procedure and patients can go home almost immediately afterwards.  Recovery is a lot faster as well.

At Cosmedics, they don’t just treat the problem; they treat the cause and all of the symptoms.  They remove lumpy veins giving a smoother straighter look to the leg.  They offer a complete treatment program, from diagnosis right through to the best treatment plan.

To determine the full extent of the problem, their consultant uses ultrasound to scan the veins. This is done at the first consultation to avoid the extra expense and extra referrals, thus keeping the cost down.

Not Just the UK

I have focused on London for this report because, up until just recently, most vein procedures would have been done on the NHS. Not every country is lucky enough to have a health system that does this sort of thing free and, as such, most have private clinics that specialize in varicose vein treatments.

Like others who treat spider veins, Walpole has an excellent clinic and some great advice on their website as well. Laser treatment is an option at most clinics, as well other treatments such as sclerotherapy, phlebectomy and REA – Radiofrequency Endovenus Ablation treatment.  With all of this on offer, there is no longer any need for anyone to suffer the embarrassment, pain and indignity of varicose veins.

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UK Homeowners Turn to Personal Loans Instead of Mortgages

The global financial crisis has hit just about every country in the world, almost without exception.  As a sign that the economy has picked up, in the UK a large number of lenders and brokers have reported a significant jump in the number of people applying for large personal loans, in excess of £20,000, for improvements to their homes.

Before the recession, these people would have remortgaged their homes to pay for their improvements but it seems that, in the UK at least, it is cheaper and easier to take out a personal loan.

New Rules – Tougher Measures

New mortgage rules have been introduced as a measure to stem the tide of bad lending decisions and people taking on debts they simply cannot repay.  On top of that, the time taken to actually approve a remortgage has increased making it much easier to take out a personal loan, which is an instant decision.

For those looking to borrow money on their mortgages, new measures mean a minimum 2 hour interview followed by stringent checks on their financial status just to borrow a few thousand pounds.

It isn’t just the poorer sections of society that are suffering either. Even those with higher salaries are being refused because they cannot pass the new affordability tests that have been introduced.

Personal Loans are Easier

Personal loans do not come under the same rules, requiring only a basic check on the borrower’s credit status. This means that, where mortgage companies may be losing out, companies who offer personal loans are raking in the business.

Personal loans are not always the answer but, for those who are looking to borrow a small amount on their mortgages, they may be the easier option. Some case studies have shown that customers who have been turned down for a mortgage are being urged to take out a personal loan instead, many by the same bank as provides their mortgage.

One couple applied to borrow £50,000 on their mortgage of £100,000 were refused but the bank told them that they could each take out a personal loan of £25,000.

Mortgage rates in the UK have remained high and are creeping up now but rates on personal loans are going in the opposite direction, mainly because of competition with high street lenders and with the number of independent lenders, both high street and online.

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Land Pollution and its Effects

Mankind’s concern for the environment these days has placed several issues on the limelight such climate change, global warming and being eco-friendly. Another pressing problem that experts believe need to be addressed is pollution. Pollution is defined by a web dictionary as “the introduction into the environment of a substance that has harmful effect.”  Its main cause is the waste generated by humans; and, as the world population grows, so does the quantity of waste. Pollution takes several forms. It can occur in air, water or land; and can negatively affect the health of an ecosystem as well as disturb the balance of the natural environment. Because of the world’s increasing awareness of climate change, air pollution has been given much focus in recent years. However, land pollution can be just as detrimental to the environment and to human health, if left unchecked.

There are several identified sources of land pollution, among them agriculture, mining, deforestation, soil erosion and rapid industrialization. Rapid population growth has resulted in a proportionate demand for food. More land is needed to grow crops; hence, vast areas which were previously forests are now being used for farming instead. Agriculture also makes use of fertilizers and pesticides that contaminate the soil. Moreover, unsustainable farming practices have turned once-fertile land to barren ones, which are incapable of supporting plant growth. Land which has no vegetative cover is prone to erosion, degrading soil quality further.

Industries are major contributors to land pollution as well. The waste they generate in the production of goods consists of substances and chemicals that are released to the environment; and some of these are very toxic. Households, like industries, produce massive amounts of garbage which are dumped into landfills, which deposit contaminants to the soil and groundwater.

More than being eyesores, the piles of garbage and the community landfill in an area can negatively impact the environment in less visible ways. This occurs through contamination. Waste containing toxins can seep into the soil and make the ground toxic as well. The poison that is covering the ground spreads to the plants growing in it as well as the animals feeding on the plants. In agricultural areas, such process becomes more dangerous because plants and animals on farms are grown and raised for human consumption. Eating contaminated food can pose serious health risks for people.

Even if land pollution has certain serious consequences, hope is not lost. There is still something that people can do to minimize it and mitigate its effects. The principle of “reduce, reuse and recycle” must be practiced by every household to lessen the amount of generated waste. For items that need to be disposed of, this must be done properly. There are items that can be dumped in the landfill but there are others that need to be brought to a facility for recycling or for appropriate treatment. For households that need to get rid of a large volume of junk from their homes, professionals that provide services for junk removal such as this site should be called upon. This will ensure that the waste will end up where it is supposed to, without doing harm to the environment.

Land pollution is a serious problem that every living creature on this planet has do deal with. Luckily, a solution is on hand with the collective effort of everyone. When it comes to saving the environment, every effort, no matter how small, contributes much. Be part of a noble cause and do your part today.

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10 Underrated Cities of Europe

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Most people tend to head for the larger, better known places but there are some highly underrated cities in Europe that sadly tend to be overlooked:

  1. Cork, Ireland
  2. While Dublin is a nice place, Cork, often termed the “real capital” is friendly, welcoming and laid back with numerous foodie places to visit.

  3. Lyon, France
  4. Lyon really does give Paris a good run for its money. It has everything – museums, nightlife, culture and shopping.

  5. Helsinki, Finland
  6. Helsinki is a quirky little sea town with a beautiful harbor, museums, traditional saunas and plenty of parks and green areas to wander.

  7. Budapest, Hungary
  8. Budapest is fast becoming a popular travel destination, a very beautiful city on the Danube River. It offers architecture, romance, traditional Hungarian food and hot springs as well as a colorful history.

  9. Gothenburg, Sweden
  10. Cheaper than Stockholm, Gothenburg offers the same cool cafes, architecture, shopping and art experiences.

  11. Porto, Portugal
  12. Porto has a long history, all the way back to Roman times and today offers color and romance, mixed with that history and culture. It has a beautiful center and museums and is the real birthplace of the alcoholic drink, Port.

  13. Granada, Spain
  14. Granada is located in the heart of Andalucía. Its biggest attraction and one worth visiting is Alhambra, a Moorish Palace complete with citadel.

  15. Maastricht, The Netherlands
  16. Maastricht is a very pretty city, full of young yet sophisticated people.  It has two squares, one called Vrijthof with a cathedral and numerous bars and restaurants. The other is Markt, where the town hall sits.   A real draw to visitors is a network of underground tunnels that are open for daily tours.

  17. Ghent, Belgium
  18. The only word to describe Ghent is cozy. It is a modern city with an ancient history and beautiful canal-side architecture. It is also how to Gravensteen Castle and St Peter’s Abbey.

  19. Bucharest, Romania
  20. Bucharest used to be called “Little Paris” and it’s easy to see why.  The city is home to a number of excellent museums, well-kept parks and a nightlife that must be seen to be believed.  The streets are wide, cool and lined with trees and the architecture is of an Époque style.

Visit all of these cities and more by booking tailor-made Europe tours with this winning company.

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Debunking Myths Regarding Botox Injection

Those who wish to remove the fine lines and wrinkles on their faces opt for Botox injection. This is a proven way to take those lines out without going through an invasive surgery. It also does not require a long time for recovery unlike other procedures. One the Botox is injected, results can be seen right away. However, there are still those who are afraid to try the process out. This is due to their wrong notions about the whole process. Thus, this article will completely debunk those myths and state the facts about Botox injection.

Myth # 1. The procedure is very painful.

Fact: The process does not need anesthesia as it is not really that painful. It is just like a small mosquito bit. It makes use of a very fine needle with minimal liquid being injected on the face. Thus, you can feel no pain whatsoever. When you are totally relaxed, the muscles will relax as well. Thus, once the needle is injected, you won’t feel anything at all.

Myth # 2. Botox erases facial expression.

Fact. This is usually the joke thrown around people who have undergone Botox injection. Many people think that Botox stiffens the muscles and stop them from moving. Thus, even if people smile or frown, no one will know. Again, this is not true. Yes, the process helps relax the muscles. However, you can still have those expressions if you wanted to without putting a lot of efforts.

Myth # 3. Botox is a poison.

Fact. Technically, this is true. It is derived from purified proteins coming from toxins. However, what is not true is that it is the same with another poison called botulism. These 2 are totally different. Besides, even if Botox came from toxins, they have been approved. There are also a lot of other toxin-based products out there that received FDA approval.

Myth # 4. Patients usually don’t see positive results.

Fact. According to statistics, up to 97% of those who have tried Botox are satisfied with the results. As long as you stick with surgeons who know which area to target, you will most likely see the results that you desire.

Myth # 5. Botox is extremely dangerous.

Fact. Over the years, up to 16 million patients have received Botox injection. None of them died or have been seriously injured by the injection. In fact, some people have started injecting Botox several years ago and have continued doing so for the next 5 years or so. Yet, they still did not experience any negative result. It would take 100 times more than the average Botox injection for it to be considered fatal.

In short, with these myths being debunked, you have no reason not to give it a try. Just make sure to find the right surgeon who will help you out. If you need Botox Eldorado Hills surgeon, try to find one here. On the other hand, if you wish to get dermal fillers, you can read more at http://www.juvae.com.au/.

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