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Low Cost and Environment-friendly Forklifts will Soon be Released

In a partnership program between the Hawaii Hydrogen Carriers (HHC) and the Sandia National Laboratories, a new and efficient technology might be released soon. This is the environment-friendly forklifts. This is true in a sense that it makes use of hydrogen fuel cell systems that are zero-emission. It also has a faster refueling capacity. This technology is also designed to make the forklift cheaper.

In 2013, statistics showed that in the US alone, the entire forklift industry has reached as much as $33 billion. This new project aims to design a more efficient hydrogen storage system. It has the ability to refuel even in a low pressure environment. It also has the ability to refuel a lot faster compared with battery-powered forklifts. It can be 4 to 8 times faster. According to the project manager of Sandia, Joe Pratt, by understanding how these forklifts work, the advantage of fuel cell becomes clearer. The best part is that with this new technology, forklifts can now work continuously for up to 8 hours or even more.

Energy Department Provides Grant

Due to the potential benefits of this new technology along with its other applications, the Department of Energy provided grants to this project. The teams were asked to design a hydrogen storage system to be used for fuel cells. While Sandia deals with the improvement of the environment-friendly aspect of the forklift, HHC on the other hand is working on how to reduce the cost of the forklift without necessarily sacrificing its overall quality.

Currently, the project still has a few technical barriers to overcome. It still has a long way to go, but the team is positive that it will yield great results in the end. With more funds used to pump the project up, the team believes they will succeed with it.

This is indeed great news for a lot of companies since forklifts can be very expensive. While waiting for this new technology to be released, you might want to take a look at the best forklift rentals through this website http://www.forkliftrentalusa.com/. Rest assured, you will be given high quality forklifts at affordable prices.

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Deforestation and Its Global Impact

Deforestation, by its simplest definition, occurs when forests are permanently destroyed to make way for other land uses. Statistics published by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) indicate that every year, around eighteen million acres of forest are irretrievably lost. Through the years, the planet has lost approximately fifty percent of its forest cover. The rate at which we are losing trees is alarming and we should all be concerned for a number of reasons.

Global warming is an issue that we are very familiar with. It has been tagged as a contributing factor to climate change. Hotter summers, colder winters, stronger cyclones, heavier rainfall – these extreme climate conditions have been attributed to global warming; and deforestation is regarded as a major cause why Earth’s temperature is rising.

Trees have a cooling effect on the atmosphere. They absorb both natural and man-made carbon and gas emissions. In return, they give off oxygen. Trees also play a vital role in the planet’s water cycle by absorbing rainfall and slowly releasing it to the groundwater and to the atmosphere as water vapor.

From an ecological viewpoint, the forest ecosystem is a complex one that supports several life forms and species. Aside from the trees, there are animals, insects, micro organisms and other plants that call the forest their home. Rainforests in particular are extremely valuable because of their biodiversity; and deforestation of this precious resource has led to the loss of thousands of plant and animal species.

Drought and soil erosion are usually experienced in deforested areas. This is because the roots of trees help in keeping the soil intact even when there is heavy rainfall. Without them, topsoil can easily be washed away and carry silt to rivers and waterways. Since bare soil cannot hold water, flooding can occur more often. On the other hand, when the same bare soil is exposed to the sun, it dries up very quickly. This leads to land being incapable of supporting plant life.

These impacts affect economies worldwide. Floods, poor soil quality, low water quality and infertile land have led to massive urban migration. This, in turn, has put a heavy burden on the urban areas, making them more populated and polluted; and, governments have to spend more to minimize such negative consequences.

Big businesses and industries, as the large-scale perpetrators of deforestation, can play a big role in the solution. One effective solution is through recycling materials in the manufacturing and production processes. Similarly, individuals can help by patronizing products of companies that have sustainable environmental practices.

Even you can be an example in your own neighborhood by being eco-friendly in doing simple household tasks. You can practice recycling in your home, for one. Secondly, be a friend to trees. For instance, never cut trees that are growing in your backyard. If you think that the trees you have are making your garden unattractive, don’t be too quick to cut them down. Try consulting tested and proven landscapers who can give you professional advice on how to incorporate the trees in your garden design. In this way, you are doing your part in preventing deforestation.

The importance of trees to life on Earth cannot be overemphasized. They help keep the global environment healthy; consequently keeping people healthy as well.

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The Importance of Being Financially Savvy When Filing a Lawsuit

It is important to be an informed citizen. We live in a country that offers many financial options when it comes to loans and borrowing money. Whether you are strapped for cash, late on your bills or simply want to put a nice chunk of change in your pocket, loans can be a helpful and viable option for you and your family. Of course there are many types of loans and not everyone is entitled to them all; however, if you or a loved one has recently been involved in a financial lawsuit, you may be eligible to receive a lawsuit loan instead of waiting for the civil court system to decide on your claim. These civil cases can include anything from a standard injury accident to a wrongful termination or harassment suit.

The finances of lawsuits around the world are all handled differently. In Europe, for example, many governments offer assistance for those looking to file a civil lawsuit. The thinking is that access to the courts shouldn’t be limited to those who can afford lawyer and court fees. In many instances complainants can get low interest loans that can be used to hire attorneys.

In North America litigation lenders have taken a different approach. Private companies offer litigators a loan based on the potential outcome of their case. This has taken governments out of the equation and made it a more market based endeavor. It works more or less like this:

Lawsuit Loans
Lawsuit loans are put in place to ensure that you can get the money you need right now. To put it simply, there are “lawsuit funding companies” whose sole purpose is to project the outcome of your civil suit and award you money based on that projection. These professionals assume that whatever money they lend you will have to partially pay off your lawyer and other legal fees. So, you never have to worry that you don’t have enough money to pay back the loan after the court decides upon your settlement. In other words, there is no fear of “over-borrowing”. Finding a reputable lawsuit funding company is important when ensuring that you are getting the best financial advice and preparation for your settlement.

No Risk
The difference between standard lawsuit loans in comparison to other types of loans is that the lender, in this case, the lawsuit funding company, assumes all of the risk. There is no need for you to put down collateral in the form of a house or car or other important possessions. The company simply projects a monetary outcome for your case and if you don’t win- you don’t pay.

To find out more about lawsuit loans and whether or not they are right for you or a loved one be sure to check out this informative site.

While litigation lending has made great progress in the US it’s unclear if it will transfer to Europe where many already have access to low cost lending through government loans. However, those involved in suits that aren’t eligible for lending may seek out alternative financing options which will undoubtedly lead to new overseas markets.

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What Canadians Need to Know About Binary Options Trading

Over the past few years, online trading has been steadily gaining popularity all over the world. There are many reasons as to why, foremost among these is the fact that it is much more convenient compared to more traditional forms of trading. When it comes to online trading, people don’t have to wait for specific trading times just to make strategic trades. In fact, with online trading, virtually anyone can now make amazing trades in different markets at any time so long as they are connected to the internet. Because of the possibility online trading offers, many people now primarily deal with financial markets through it. Here in Canada, most online traders now do binary options trading. This has prompted people to ask, is binary options a scam? The answer is no. Due to the fact that many of those who want to get into online trading only have little understanding of binary options trading, I have decided to talk about it here in this article.

What exactly is binary options trading and how does it differ from other types of trading? First of all, compared to other forms of online trading, binary options trading is much easier to do. One of the reasons why this is so is because binary options trading actually only requires people to guess whether the value of an asset will go up or down by the time an option they bought expires. Due to the relative simplicity of the financial instrument and the fact that it can often yield high returns to traders, many beginners and experts here in Canada now do binary options trading on a regular basis. In fact, through the use of a sound binary options trading strategy, these people now earn at least a thousand dollars a month just through binary options trading alone.

Of course, before being able to do binary options trading, people have to first find and sign up for the services of a binary options brokerage. It is only through a good binary options broker that a person can profit greatly from trading binary options. When choosing a binary options broker, it’s best for beginners to just consider established names. And when it comes to binary options, no one can go wrong with Banc de Binary. In fact, Banc de Binary is currently the most popular brokerage in Canada. There are many reasons for this, one of them being the fact that the brokerage is regulated by the CySec.

Hopefully, what I have written here will give those new to online trading great insights into why binary options trading is very popular. Those new to online trading should definitely consider dealing with binary options. By dealing with the financial instrument, many beginners can quickly realize the potential of online trade and get accustomed to doing it. It’s really a shame that some people think that binary options trading is a scam when the fact is, so long as one works with a legitimate brokerage and uses the best strategies, one can make great profit from it.

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The Australian Government Increases Revenue From Lost Retirement Funds

The Australian government has announced legislation that will allow it to confiscate many more inactive superannuation accounts. It is estimated that the value of these lost accounts could be as high as $18.1 billion, and the government believes confiscating more of these accounts could raise an extra $1 billion for the government coffers. The current threshold is $2000 (up from $200), but this new legislation will increase this amount to $4000 and then $6000. These accounts will be transferred to the Australian Taxation Office. The government claims it is doing this to help people find their lost super, but critics of the legislation claim it is simply a revenue raising exercise.

A brief background
Superannuation is a compulsory pension fund scheme that was set up in the 1980s for all working Australians. Every employer is required to pay each employee a set percentage into a superannuation fund on top of their wages. Most working Australians have at least one super account and they are able to choose which fund their money is deposited into. Superannuation is tightly regulated and can only be accessed after the age of retirement in most cases.

The problem
Previous rules have made it hard to keep track of super accounts. Prior to the mid 2000′s workers were forced to accept the preferred fund of the employer, which meant that many Australians had a separate fund for each job they had worked. This means that many Australians lost track of their super fund when they changed address or started a new job. Although these funds can now be rolled into one fund without much difficulty, and employees have a choice of super funds, many workers are still choosing the default option. Recent research has suggested that as many as one in two Australians has lost super fund and as many as 20% of all funds are listed as unclaimed.

Government grab
Critics of this new government legislation claim that this move by the government is simply a way to raise extra revenue. They point out that even though these accounts will accrue interest for the owners, the interest rate is so low that it will not outperform inflation. This means that these funds may not grow as much as they would if they were in an industry or retail super fund. After all, the 3% interest being offered can’t match with the investment performance of the best super funds. The government has counted these claims by issuing a press release stating that this new legislation will help people track down their lost super.

Since the global financial crisis there has been much talk about governments raiding pension funds and retirement savings accounts. This example from Australia might not be the most extreme method, but it does paint a worrying picture for the future. All eyes will be on future legislation to see if the government tries to raise this limit even higher. Australians will not get a choice in this matter as both of the major political parties are in agreement. This means that opposition and debate on this topic are hard to find. It will be interesting to see what the Australian people think of these changes as they are enacted.

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Global Waste to Triple by the Year 2100

Over the past decade, an increased awareness and concern for the environment has grown all across the globe. Countries are increasing efforts in protecting the environment. Various measures are being developed and put to test in the hopes of substantially decreasing environment pollutants and hazardous wastes. One prevalent and unavoidable dilemma shared by countries worldwide is the continual accumulation of waste. With the increase in human population, businesses, industries, and the like, yearly data on garbage stats are on a steady rise.

In 2013, Canada was reported to have produced more garbage than other countries. In that list however, the United States ranked next in line, followed by Australia. Would 2014 be any better for these countries? If this concern is to ever be addressed, the administration must be more strategic in its approach, and joint efforts must be shared and sustained at both the national and local level.

In the past year, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Report disclosed its top five sources of garbage and waste worldwide. In that disclosure, Demolition and Construction accounted for 36%, Quarrying and Mining at 28%, Commercial Wastes at 13%, Household Waste at 11% and Industrial Wastes at 10% of the total bulk.

Simply knowing the statistics greatly clues leaders on how to go about formulating and enforcing waste reduction and proper disposal measures that will really work.

Household members must be more mindful of proper and effective waste disposal. Business, large or small, must be of the same mind. Large scale businesses and industries often feel so burdened with having to deal with the large amount of garbage produced day in and day out. One sure way to ease such burden is to avail of dumpster rental services. Various options may be availed of according to one’s needs. For help with rates, options, and dumpster sizes, individuals and entities may seek the assistance of helpful sites like Dumpster Rental Zone.

It’s unfortunate that the World Bank has conducted a study and disclosed that Global waste is on a pace to tripling by the year 2100. May countries not slack in their waste reduction efforts. After all, our clean-up efforts show how much we truly love our country and our world.

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The perfect convict conditioning workout plan

bodyweightConvict conditioning can obviously prove to be very useful for you. However, there is one important aspect that you need to remember you need to have a workout plan. Whether you opt for any workout in this world you need to have a disciplined approach otherwise it would become really hard for you to excel and achieve your objectives. I would suggest that you should devise your workout plan in order to get the best results. If you believe in the school of thought that you need to do it yourself then I guess that you should search books and internet for the perfect convict conditioning exercises and then start your actual practice.

When you are devising your workout plan, you need to have the awareness about the advantages and the disadvantages of the workouts that you are opting for. However, if you feel that this job is a bit tough for you, you can even seek professional help in this regard. I will just give you an idea about a sample workout plan so that you get an idea regarding how you have to move about. Well let us say that if you used to do Shrimp Squats in the past you can replace it with Weighed pistols and you can combine Kettlebells with it to attain more benefit. We already know that Kettlebells can help make your workout far more convincing. Though there is no denying the fact that pull-ups can be pretty useful, but if you introduce the aspect of a 2 minute hold at the top that can prove to be much more beneficial. Who says you need not be creative with your workouts, you have to be creative so that you fitness goals become much easier to attain. If you have been trying out dips in the past for effective convict conditioning then there is nothing wrong with bringing about a change in this exercise as well. You can introduce a two-minute stay near the bottom. It is time to replace the leg raises by abs rollouts.

It is human nature that if you stick endlessly to the same workout plan It would end up becoming a lot more boring and you need your workout plan to be exciting so that you can follow it in an ardent manner. However, prevention and precautionary measures are also important. For example, if you have certain health problem it is very essential that you devise your workout plan after consulting a medical professional so that you do not end up harming yourself. When you are opting for convict conditioning workout plan remember one rule of the thumb that you need to follow your workout plan religiously only then you can look forward to convincing results.  There is one undeniable fact that effective workouts can be the most effective way to beat stress that may be haunting your life for quite some time. Therefore, give yourself the opportunity of being healthy and stress free through the right workout plan.

Check out more training program at http://bodyweighttrainingarena.com

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How Other Countries Care For Their Sick, Old And Elderly

Countries outside of the United States care for their older residents very differently. Here, we will take a look a exactly how different that care is. In specific we will focus on the type of care that severely ill or very old patients need and that is called skilled nursing. These types of medical professionals really help geriatric patients. Skilled nursing facilities provide custodial care for the elderly and other people long-term who are unable to care for themselves either in an assisted living facility or at home. It may have a relaxed atmosphere where residents have more independence and are provided with various dwelling unit amenities, interactive events and assistance from qualified staff with any medical needs in a safe, dignified environment.

Other types of nursing facilities have an environment that is similar to a hospital setting that is based around each individual’s physical and psychological health (i.e.,care for Alzheimer’s patients or others with dementia) management needs with the option to return home whenever possible. About 1.5 million Americans live in an estimated 16,000 nursing homes in the United States, with 66 percent of them operating as a for-profit business, 27 percent operate as a nonprofit organization, and 7 percent operate as a government agency.

Nursing Facilities Outside The U.S.

In the U.S.A., the different levels of care found in nursing facilities has no legal distinction. As the world’s population ages, however, international incentives have been created to expand home and community-based care options to minimize and even reverse the rate of growth in nursing home beds. Compared to the United States, there were striking similarities in the percentages of older persons (4% to 5%) living in other countries that were receiving care in nursing homes.

Interestingly, in a country where the demand for intensive long term care services is high but the available health service for the elderly is poor, nursing facility care may mainly consist of nursing homes with a high ratio of nursing home beds provided to persons 65 years and older.

However, in a country where the demand for personal services is high and available health services for the elderly is better, long-term care services may mainly consist of housing support where personal and social care services are provided and the ratio of nursing home beds is much lower.

For example, Norway’s nursing homes strive to treat patients without automatically transferring them to hospitals (over 20% live at home and receive formal care there), except for when they need surgery. In the Netherlands, 15% of the elderly live at home and receive formal care on site. This is in contrast to the formal care and housing support found in Australia which is approximately only 3 percent and 1 percent in Canada and the U.S.A. In our research, we did find some excellent information on how to find a good skilled nursing facility and we do recommend those who need the care, perform their own research.

Percentages of international nursing home care and assistance is only an approximate finding, but it is clear that health care in other countries has evolved more into health management support facilities than just a go-between from the patient’s home and the hospital as was the case with the traditional skilled nursing home facility.

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Is the Market for Plastic Surgery Over Saturated?

plasticsurgery As more and more people are going through with cosmetic surgery in the United States, many more plastic surgery practices are opening. Now, at the end of 2013 and moving into 2014, can we say that the market for plastic surgery is increasing over has become over saturated? For many young and aspiring surgeons, plastic surgery seems like a fun practice to learn and get into with a lot less stress than brain surgery for example. But if the market for plastic surgery is getting saturated, would these young surgeons be spending years and paying thousands for a space that the supply of surgeons is too high?

We asked Hall Plastic Surgery, a plastic surgery Austin practice, if the need for plastic surgeons is still thriving. They said that while it has increased over the years, it is beginning to plateau. At least for Austin, doctors at Hall Plastic Surgery say that the competition between the few main practices downtown is getting fierce with less customer coming through the doors. While this does seem like a scary realization for young surgeons, is it true for other parts of the country as well?

According to Dr. Leslie Stevens, a plastic surgery Beverly Hills surgeon, the need for plastic surgeons is increasing rapidly. “As a surgeon, it is not easy to scale my practice, because I can only handle so many patients. Often times, I have to turn down patients because my schedule is too full. This leads me to believe that more and more people want to get cosmetic surgery and I would recommend that more surgeons look at this field as their choice for their practice.” According to Dr. Stevens, plastic surgery is thriving in Beverly Hills. this makes it clear that the location of your practice can make or break the bank. Before you decide to open up your practice in your hometown, research the demographics to get an idea if your city can support another plastic surgeon.

Another tip for aspiring plastic surgeons is to visit at least three local plastic surgeon offices and try to take out the head surgeon for lunch. It would be a great time to interview the surgeon and ask him or her their thoughts about opening a practice. Some good questions to ask these established surgeons is if they had to do it all over again, would they choose the city they are located in today? If not, what city would they choose and why? Do they regret going into plastic surgery in the first place? If so, why and what else would they choose? What have been the best methods to get new patients? Is it worth it to hire a sales team? How much do they spend on marketing their plastic surgery services?

Taking out a surgeon for lunch is one of the best ways to get more information about the area and their demographic. You should definitely do research online and see if you can find statistics about which city spends the most money on cosmetic surgery and forecast their growth in the next 5, 10, or 15 years. What other tips do you have to see if an industry is over saturated?

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Miley Cyrus’ Not-so Controversial Antics at the EMAs

miley-marijuanaThe name on everyone’s lips following the European Music Awards was, of course, Miley Cyrus. Not content with gyrating against Beetlejuice/Robin Thicke at the VMAs in the states, the teen superstar turned pseudo-controversial singer decided to light up on stage.

Miley’s performance of “We Can’t Stop” entailed gyrating with a little person, as opposed to Robin Thicke. Donned head-to-toe in rubber, said woman joined Miley during the performance of her hit single, which in itself hints at drug use. The pair oscillated between spanking each other and twerking—a bizarre performance by anybody’s standards.

Following her performance, Miley was announced as the winner of “Best Music Video”. As her name was called out Cyrus walked on stage sporting towering heels, a crotch skimming leotard, faux-fur jacket, and Chanel handbag. After briefly attempting to fit her award in her bag, she then pulled out a suspicious looking cigarette and lit up.

Miley Cyrus’ Joint Antics: Controversial or Not?

Undoubtedly Miley wanted to spark controversy by smoking marijuana on stage. Unfortunately, the 20-year-old singer as so far only managed to attract a series of eye rolls. By all means, she may revel in the fact that her antics were edited out of the U.S. airing of the EMAs. After all, that is virtually the accolade of rock stars.

Her antics were, however, mild enough to spread across Twitter like wildfire. Soon enough, publications everywhere began to analyse her behavior. Unfortunately for the attention seeking Miley, this hasn’t quite gone to plan. From trashy celebrity columns to the likes of Vanity Fair, all appear to have sniffed out her intentions.

Smoking marijuana in the Netherlands is far from illegal. In fact, the police wouldn’t even arrest Miley for carrying it in small amounts. Even her home country, the U.S., appears to be taking a softer approach to marijuana in some states. If Miley was controversial, the controversy was mild.

Reactions from Other Celebrities

Since Miley’s performance, the tabloids have been going wild for celebrities who appear to directly and indirectly discuss her antics. She is hot property right now, which means everyone wants to get in on the Cyrus discussion.

The ever-humble Cliff Richard has expressed concern that Miley may be “damaged” by her behavior at a later date. He claims that the industry does not provide enough support for young singers, leading them down a dangerous path.

Some tabloids have over analyzed the words of Jennifer Lawrence, claiming the revulsion she has expressed at how “Young sex sells”. Although Lawrence did not name Miley explicitly, there is speculation that the young singer’s antics fuelled her fire.

The Mastermind Behind Miley

The same man who stripped away Britney Spears’ sweet girl image is also orchestrating the Miley show. Larry Rudolph has also received his fair share of attention in recent weeks, primarily because he is the one accused of stripping her bare.

While Rudolph claims that Miley is ditching the Disney image “Organically,” her antics appear to grow increasingly desperate. Reassuringly, this seems to be more of a parade than a genuine descent into lewd behavior.

Still, let’s remember the class of the CMA awards with Carrie Underwood rather than the antics of Miley.

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